Amazon Seller App that Helps Increase Revenue

Amazon Seller Apps is highly recommended if you wish to have a Smooth Selling Process. This was released by Amazon in 2014.

The Amazon Seller App is a convenient tool for all sellers to use. This comes with different features including the barcode scanner which is a major feature of the Amazon Seller App. It lets sellers scan and list items using their phones and saves your history of scanned items to use in the future. With this feature, it is a lot faster and efficient to identify the product and recording the details. This feature will also allow you to calculate overall profit, track customer metrics and price your items.

But then, not all is a fan or satisfied with Amazon Seller Ap – other applications has been developed by third party companies to satisfy the Amazon Sellers and with the high competition in the Amazon Marketplace it is essential that you have your secret weapon, like the one below.


Amazon Inspector of Quantity, is one of the highly recommended third party application. We developed this Amazon Seller application with only one thing in mind which is to help increase revenue of the Amazon Seller.

Here are the features that you should know:

One demand Search – showing up to 100 sellers data for every product to support winning business idead and decisions.

Amazon Product Variations Viewer – lets you easily check product variations in real time, it comes with Buy Box, Reviews, and Dimensions

Amazon Profit Calculator – we provide estimated fees for FBA and FBM. All you have to do is add your cost, and in an instant you will know your sales estimates, and profit or loss projections

Amazon Seller Central Manage Inventory Page Product Notes – you don’t need to create notes anywhere like post-it notes, we added this simple yet essential product notes feature

Amazon Daily Product Snapshots – a very convenient feature, that will let you do other important things than recording data with your excel, this let you verify product ideas on a daily basis

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