Add-on Tools Every Amazon Seller Should Have

In the dog eat dog world of Amazon, every seller must be equipped with the needed tools helpful in keeping an online retail business afloat. Whether you are a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller or a non-FBA merchant, the ultimate goal is to gain profits! Some of these tools are Google Chrome extensions and can be downloaded for free. To help you maximize your profitability through efficient Amazon account management, here are the tools you should keep at hand.

Product Listing Assistant

  • Pickasin

    This free Google Chrome extension immediately copies ASINs to your clipboard by pointing and clicking the eyedropper icon on the product titles found on Amazon results page, eliminating the need to open and scroll down each product page to locate the ASIN.

  • Feedbackexpress

    This tool is used to monitor your customer feedback daily, receive negative feedback alerts and send automated thank you emails. However, cost is associated with this tool and fees vary depending on the number of emails sent.

Quantity and Price Checker

There are a handful of quantity and price checkers available in Google Chrome. These tools are very useful in tracking products that you are currently carrying or eyeing to purchase. These extensions will assist you in your buying, stocking, pricing and listing decisions.

  • Amzpecty 

    To specifically check quantities of all sellers at a glance, Amzpecty does it instantly per product listing. Recently, Amzpecty has added a feature to track daily changes in quantities and prices of specific product listings. What makes this tool a must-have at $9.99 monthly, is its ability to show total quantities of all sellers per listing.

  • Keepa and the Camelizer 

    To track prices and sales ranks of products for a period of time, Keepa and the Camelizer can help you. These tools are free of charge; but, functionality is limited only to product listings of some sellers. There are tutorials available online to help you understand the graphs and utilize either of these price trackers.

  • Scanalyze 

    This extension is a paid service useful for online arbitrage. It combines Keepa and the Camelizer to present product price information, and FBA calculator to compute the net profit, margin and ROI of a product listing.


Monitoring and adjusting prices of all product listings according to daily sales trends and competitors’ prices will be impossible if done manually without the help of a repricing tool, especially if you inventory thousands of listings. Basically, repricers react to competitor’s price change and take advantage when a competitor runs out of stock, moving the price upwards and downwards within the maximum and minimum price you set for that product. Used together with a quantity tracker like Amzpecty, ceiling price of best-selling products can be adjusted manually in anticipation of an impending stock-out and great sales opportunity. Albeit repricing services come with price tags, price automation is indispensable for sellers to achieve business’ growth and maximize profits.

There are numerous repricing tools available in the market today; these may vary in cost, features and approach. Some of these repricing software for Amazon sellers include App Eagle, ChannelMAX, RepricerExpress, Teikametrics, and Wiser.

Reviews and Feedback Management

Gain more reviews and reduce negative feedback. Amzmailer is what you need. Send your Amazon customers automated emails to get more reviews and get alerted when you receive negative seller feedback.

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